It's better to get tea-drunk than beer-drunk

Come and join us to relax from everyday worries, stress and forget about the agitated world that is all around us. Draw with us the magic atmosphere and the harmony of the Tearoom.

We are located in the very center of Bratislava. In the underground of the beautiful historic building of the Zichy Palace, there are unique spaces where you can recharge your new energy.

Since 2010


Our wide assortment of teas, noteas and herbs will surprise every incomer. We always aim to choose the best tea for you. If you do not know which tea to try, you can choose from our Crazy Offer and are always happy to advise you if you are completely lost.

As we think of every detail, we can prepare for you also some snack or quick meal. Whether you like meat or you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you will definitely find something tasty in our Tearoom.
Preparing delicious tea and something good to eat requires some time, so please be patient and give our staff a few minutes. During your tea time, we prefer not to disturb you by our do-you-have-everything questions, so if you would like to add something to your table, feel free to come over to us. We are happy to prepare for you anything from the menu.


Great tea in a great atmosphere

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Our goal is to make you feel magically and enjoy every single moment spent drinking tea. Whether alone or with partners, friends, or with colleagues ...